Internal Control Officer Region Central Europe

Internal Control Officer Region Central Europe

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Internal Control Officer Region Central Europe

Division Legal Regulatory
Office Location – Warsaw, Poland
(Germany; Poland; Hungary; Czech Republic; Slovakia; Romania)
Your key objective will be to provide management support and assurance about the reliability of financial processes, records and reports and the assessment and mitigation of the thereto related risks, and as such be a good foundation for reliance by internal and external audits. You will personally conduct ongoing reviews of operating procedures, company controls and compliance measures to determine any potential hazards or breaches of conduct at Division Legal Regulatory; Division Tax & Accounting; Region Central Europe. This will entail creating a yearly internal review and test plan with senior management, assessing the adequacy of asset safeguards, and monitoring proprietary systems or applications to prevent unauthorized access. You must report all findings to management with recommendations for improvement, and upon their approval, implement strategies to induce such change. Additional duties may include outlining the organization’s code of ethics, training staff on best practices, serving as a liaison to external audit agencies and staying current on relevant regulatory changes.
You will have a direct reporting line to the Region CFO and a dotted line in to the Global ICO director.

Necessary Professional Skills:

  • In-depth working knowledge of applicable regulatory requirements, accounting procedures and financial reporting standards are required;
  • You must be highly organized, efficient, and a self-starter;
  • You should have a proactive work ethic, unbending moral code and the ability to think analytically;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English are also crucial in conveying important information to management, employees and outside agencies;
  • You must be able to work interdependently and have the flexibility to thrive in an ever-changing and sometimes loosely structured environment;
  • You must be willing to travel as needed (up to 20%);
  • Ability to adapt to frequently changing priorities;
  • Good negotiating and conflict resolution skills;

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