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Jest oficjalnie „FRAUD WEEK”  13-19 listopada. 2016 W całym świecie w tym tygodniu obchodzi się „Tydzień zwalczania fraudów” kiedy promuje się świadomość o oszustwach  i o metodach ich zwalczania i zapobiegania.

NOVEMBER 13-19, 2016 It’s officially Fraud Week!

It’s that time of year again — when people from around the world come together to spread fraud awareness and anti-fraud education. Whether you are a trained anti-fraud professional or a member of your community concerned about how fraud could affect your fellow citizens, every supporter of Fraud Week is doing their part to help decrease fraud. Many of you have activities planned for this week that will help spread the word about how costly fraud can be. Whether you are hosting a seminar or tweeting about fraud prevention, we at the ACFE appreciate all that you and all supporters are doing. During this week we will be posting a new blog every day on ACFE Insights and ACFE.com. Remember to use all the free resources on the Fraud Week website to support any campaigns you have planned. If you plan to use social media to spread awareness, please tag posts with #FraudWeek. We would love to repost and share pictures from your events, or materials you’ve created to spread fraud awareness. Thank you to all Fraud Week supporters. If you need anything during the week or have questions, please contact me and I will try to help in any way I can. Show the world you won’t stand for fraud.

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