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Strona główna Artykuły (anty)Defraudacje Find Fraud before it Finds You... (17-18.10.2016)

Find Fraud before it Finds You… (17-18.10.2016)

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Find Fraud before it Finds You…
How to detect corruption and fraud early!
17th and 18th October 2016 – Cracow, Poland
A Master-Class lead by the experienced practitioners
Nigel Krishna Iyer and Krzysztof Klimczak

Corruption and Fraud is a common problem and a cost, but detecting it early and dealing with it swiftly is an excellent way to make your organisation more efficient and healthy. If not detected, fraud and corruption tends to spread and is only discovered when it becomes too large to ignore, or is reported by whistle-blowers…or both. So whether you are a financial controller, an auditor, a compliance officer or just someone who cares that your organisation is not a victim of fraud and corruption, why wait for the whistle-blower?   Learn effective fraud detection techniques and stay ahead of the game!

The course will be conducted in English and Polish and be highly practical. We will be using drama, data and documents to illustrate fraudulent and corrupt behavior and everything will be based on real experiences.

On Day 1 we will cover how to assess and understanding the risks and red flags, where your own organisation is most vulnerable and what techniques should be used to spot fraud and corruption early.

Day 2 will deal with how to interpret and understand the red flags,  (including recognizing Front Companies and “Dirty Money Centers”), how to investigate them in an efficient and low-key manner, and how to present your findings constructively to senior management.

Nigel Krishna Iyer of the Hibis Group, has been detecting and discovering frauds around the world for over 25 years, often where no suspicion existed from before. He has written numerous books on the topic and teaches widely, including his position as a fellow at the University of Leicester School of Management.

Krzysztof Klimczak has for several years been involved in discovering frauds in and around Poland. In addition he has just completed his PhD on internal audit as well as developed his own fraud management program aimed at improving the work of both internal and external audits.

Short introduction:  HOW do we find it?




Standard price – 2’000 PLN / €450  (not including accomodation)

Applicable discounts :

  • Members of Audyt.net (30% discount)
  • Two persons from the same organisation – 40% discount for the second participant
  • Three persons from the same organisation – 50% discount for both the second and third participants



You can now register for the seminar on our website (click here to REGISTER) or e-mail us at : paw@audyt.net 


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